Brain Health Management

ARCM measures cognitive status and changes, making it ideal for your loved one with brain health management needs.

Fully Approved By the FDA

It’s hard to know and understand all our brain can do, even after suffering cognitive losses. Accessible looks to bridge the gap between the brain and our patients’ treatment plans. Our ARCM services offer real-time answers on the efficiency of current treatment programs and provide solutions for managing care.

Services Offered


  • Cognitive assessments track changes in cognitive or behavioral issues related to stress or mental health.
  • Assist with the determination between continuing to work and seeking further treatment
  • Aid in medication management


  • Track cognitive changes and determine the efficacy of new medications and treatments
  • Monitor symptoms of ADD/ADHD and similar neurodiversity
  • Aid in medication as related to Behavioral Health


  • Track changes in cognitive performance over time
  • Evaluate and Monitor cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s
  • Enhance the patient’s ability to remain at home by wirelessly transmitting brain health reports to medical professionals


  • Screen for cognitive improvement or decline directly related to impact, concussion, and TBI
  • Monitoring changes in cognitive efficiency after stroke, illness, or traumatic incidents

Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Screen for cognitive improvement or decline directly related to impact, concussion, and TBI
  • Monitor psychological health and related cognitive function

Features of ARCM Brain Health Management

We believe remote patient management should be simple. When partnering with ARCM, we’ll introduce you to our portal and ship all necessary devices directly to enrolled clients.

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Designed as a mobile platform that allows for flexibility.

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Can be self-administered either in-person or remotely.

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Public-domain tests with existing strong scientific literature behind them.

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Measures processing speed or “efficiency” for higher cognitive function.

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Can be used as a high-frequency tool allowing for accuracy and frequent testing.

Accessible Home Health Care in Partnership with DANA

DANA™ is an FDA-cleared suite of cognitive and psychological assessments that measures subtle and acute changes in cognitive resilience and speed to aid in assessing an individual’s medical or psychological state.

It provides a wealth of data – from single glance top-level scores to intensively detailed trial-by-trial data – and gives an over-time, visual representation of a person’s cognitive development side-by-side with psychological test scores.